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SMT Print

1 X DEK ELA Fully Automatic Screen Printer with “2-D” Inspection

  • Green Camera
  • Blue USC with VF35 Vacuum
  • 2-D – Green camera Solder inspection
  • Model: ELA Plus
  • Equipped as a Horizon 220 VAC 8A Single Phase Fixed Chase SQ with Feedback

1 X DEK Horizon 3i Fully Automatic Screen Printer With Hawkeye 750 Inspection

  • Process alignment capability 2 Cpk @ ± 25µm 6-Sigma
  • Machine alignment capability 2 Cpk @ ± 12.5µm 6-Sigma  
  • 12 second cycle time  
  • DEK HawkEye® 750-compatible camera 
  • DEK Instinctiv™ V9 user interface including real time feedback, fast set-up, shorter time to first print, less operator training, and easier error avoidance and recovery
  • ISCAN™ Intelligent Scalable Control Area Network; Fast, light and robust internal bus-based communications system delivers responsive and intelligent machine control  
  • Standard tooling table  
  • Fixed Chase 
  • Full size stencil frame capacity; accepts full industry size stencils and is VectorGuard®-ready for faster product changeover  
  • Standard board size capability; up to 508mm by 508mm 
  • Colour TFT touch screen, keyboard and trackball

1 X DEK 248 Screen Printer

  • Micro controlled menu driven operation
  • Machine parameters are programmable, and up to 30 separate menu files of 12 characters long can be stored within the 248 printer
  • Programmable speed of separation of the pcb and stencil for fine pitch applications
  • System controller communication via back-lit lcd 4 line display operator panel
  • Uses proven precision design and technology

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